About me

My goal is to make the planning process easy while always looking for the best value.

``Elaine is the best! We have been using her for our annual Disney trips for many years now. She takes our thoughts and quickly turns them into the perfect Disney vacation. She is efficient, prompt at responding to calls, and always extremely kind and helpful. She makes planning a Disney vacation effortless and fun!``

Lisa B.

``Elaine will do her absolute best to ensure your vacation is problem free as it can possibly be. She hasn’t figured out how to control the weather but I imagine she is working on it. Elaine is the most knowledgeable person on WDW that I know so I never have any concerns when we book a trip with her. We even have her book other trips for us globally. Never a disappointment. We just finished a fantastic trip in February. Kudos to you Elaine!``

Alan W.

Who I Am

I have always loved to travel and enjoy planning and researching family vacations. Travel was always more of a hobby until 9/11 as I was working in New York City that day. I remember what a beautiful morning it was as I was traveling in via the train from New Jersey, looking at the view of NYC and thinking that I kept forgetting to bring my camera with me so I could take some photos of the beautiful downtown NYC skyline.


So many little details happened that day that if one thing had changed, my husband Mark or I might not be here today. Long story short, that was the day that I truly realized how short life can be. And you need to find your passion and if you are as lucky as I am, be able to take your passion and make it your career.


With over fifteen years in the travel industry, working primarily in the corporate sector, I found my true calling helping busy moms and dads plan their family vacations. My enthusiasm for planning travel for others has not diminished over the years. My goal is to make the planning process easy while always looking for the best value.


My passion for Walt Disney World led me to begin specializing in Disney Destinations.  Disney parks can be overwhelming.  Even repeat visitors are amazed to see how much has changed, and continues to change every year.  Working one-on-one with clients and listening to their needs and desires helps me tailor and optimize the vacation.


Clients who make the yearly trek to Disney may not need planning assistance but still want to work with me because they know that I will save them time and monitor their bookings, automatically lowering the price if a special is released or go over their options with them. Disney controls the pricing — they will always offer the lowest price and release specials and discounts as they see fit.


Over the years I have expanded my services to include Universal Orlando, SeaWorld & Discovery Cove, in Orlando FL, all CLIA certified cruise lines, and river cruises which now include options in the US.  My clients have also visited New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, California, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, The Galapagos Islands, Jamaica, Aruba, England, France, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Australia and New Zealand.