Hawaii Update

Hawaii Update


Covid-19 Update:  As of June, 29, 2020 Covid-19 FDA approved Polymerise Chain Reaction (PCR) test must be done within 72 hours of departure from originating city.  Beginning August 01, 2020 travelers to Hawaii who have a valid negative COVID-19 FDA-approved  PCR test from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory prior to arriving at any of Hawaii’s airports will NOT be subject to the 14-day quarantine.

Test MUST be confirmed prior to arrival.

All traveler must present evidence of this test upon arrival.

Travelers will be responsible for the cost of the pre-travel test.

No testing will be provided upon arrival at the airport.

For those who choose not to get pre-tested the 14-day quarantine will remain in place.

Temperature checks will continue at airports across the state and anyone with a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees or who is experiencing other symptoms will be required to undergo a secondary screening at the airport with trained healthcare staff.

Everyone must wear facial masks in all Hawaii airports and when entering places of business.

Travelers will be required to fill out the State Travel and Health Declaration forms upon arrival.

Therefore, we strongly encourage anyone not willing to get pre-tested, to please refrain from visiting Hawaii as our 14-day quarantine regulations will remain in place and are stringent (guests are not allowed to leave their room except to seek medical care or to go to the airport to return home; food is to be delivered to your door for the full 14 days; all costs for the 14 day quarantine are borne by the visitor). Your adherence to them is closely monitored. Violators are prosecuted.

Further details are forthcoming, such as: the timeframe of how far in advance can the test be taken, from what age will children be tested, how long the pre-arrival testing requirement and quarantine process will be in effect, whether this only applies to travel from the mainland United States or does it also apply to travel from other countries, and how this affects residents returning to Hawaii.


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